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Rare Coin Evaluation & Grading

Kenneth Goldman is a professional dealer of rare coins operating in and around Newton, Needham, Wellesley and Westwood, Massachusetts.  In addition, Mr. Goldman has done rare coin appraisals all over the United States.  The president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., he has contributed to A Guidebook for United States Coins (The Redbook) since 1975. He is a member of the Numismatic Guaranty Corp. (NGC) as well as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), which provides unbiased grading and authentication of rare coins by the world’s leading numismatic experts.

Kenneth Goldman, President of Kenneth Goldman Inc. Rare Coins is a member of both of the leading grading services and is well qualified to evaluate and submit coins to the grading services for grade and authenticity.   Further, Mr. Goldman has been a 50 year member of the American Numismatic Assoc. as well as membership in virtually all other leading numismatic organizations.

Kenneth Goldman has been an expert witness and rare coin appraiser for the Federal Trade Commission, the New York State Attorney General’s Office and many other individuals and estates  in the evaluation of rare coins for grade, value and authenticity.

Let Kenneth Goldman’s 50+ years of experience help you with evaluation of your holdings.


Coin Collectors Should Have Their Collections Professionally Appraised

A seasoned numismatist with more than 50 years of practical experience in the field of rare coins, Kenneth Goldman operates his dealership in Needham, Massachusetts, near the towns of Wellesley, Dedham, Westwood, and Newton. He started his own coin collection at age 6, and became a full-time rare coin dealer when he was 18. Throughout his long career, Kenneth Goldman has handled transactions involving nearly every type of American coin ever minted, and has been used as an expert resource by both the New York State Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission.

Some people collect coins for their beauty, others for the sense of history they impart. Many collect, at least in part, as a financial investment. Regardless of why they collect, though, people should have an accurate understanding of their collection’s value. This is important for a broad range of reasons, from financial and estate planning to insurance. Determining a coin’s value, though, can be a challenge, especially with scarcer specimens.

Kenneth Goldman tells the story of buying a coin at an auction in the 1970s — a Bust Dollar, minted during the nation’s early days — for $3,900, and then quickly selling it for $6,500. the next day !! This kind of quick profit in the rare coins field is actually the exception. Most collectors generally acquire their specimens and hold them for long periods of time. Keeping track of the value of most is fairly easy because of the brisk trade in over-the-counter sales, auctions, and coin shows, which also help collectors determine the pricing of private transactions. Coin dealers rely heavily on the Guide Book of United States Coins, commonly called the Redbook, for their own retail pricing.

The rarer the coin, though, the less reliable the price list. This is why collectors should always have their collections appraised by an experienced professional like rare coin dealer Kenneth Goldman, who can be contacted by mail at PO Box 920404, Needham, MA 02492. Alternately, he can be emailed at or called at 781-449-0058.

Kenneth M. Goldman, President of Kenneth Goldman Inc. Rare Coin Co. would be pleased to help or assist in any way.

The History of Spanish Dollars in the Americas

Since 1971, Kenneth Goldman of Needham, MA, has served collectors around the world as an expert on rare coins, advancing the field of numismatics as a significant contributor to A Guidebook for United States Coins (the “Red Book”). As a highly experienced dealer and collector, Mr. Goldman offers expertise on pieces of eight used in the Americas.

A piece of eight (a “Spanish dollar”) was arguably the first global currency, minted in Spain’s imperial American colonies from roughly 1497 until the mid-1800s. Typically a round or ovoid piece of solid or almost solid silver, the piece of eight was efficiently designed for commerce and export to the European continent in the age of mercantilism. Worth eight Spanish reales, the royal currency of Spain at the time, a silver Spanish dollar coin was assayed and minted so that it could be physically cut or broken into eight slivers (“bits”) for payments, exchange, and making change. For centuries, the Spanish dollar was the only international currency accepted in certain countries such as China and the Philippines, and it was the most common currency for interstate and regional commerce in the United States until 1857, when the Coinage Act outlawed the use of foreign coins.

Mr. Goldman is available for consultation as well as expert appraisal for all types of United States and World coins. Having been an expert witness for the Federal Trade Commission as well as for the New York State Attorney General’s Office, he is well qualified in all fields.

Mr. Goldman can be reached at

Rare Coin Convention Displays Costly Treasures

Coin shows and conventions are held both monthly and annually all across the United States. Not only do these venues showcase the historical significance of our money’s changing appearance, but they also provide opportunities for collectors of rare coins to search for specific, valuable items.

In New Orleans, the latest National Money Show presented rare coins and paper money worth millions of dollars. Included among the valuable objects were two 1913 Liberty Head nickels, one of which sold at auction for $3.17 million. Additionally, the show displayed an 1804 silver dollar, which was also worth over $3 million.

Kenneth Goldman, an appraiser of rare coins with 50 years of experience in the field, previously owned an 1804 silver dollar, a coin dubbed by experienced collectors as the “king” of collecting. Kenneth Goldman began collecting coins at age six and tabled at his first coin show by age 13.

We have been involved with rare coins and antiques for over 50 years.  For a seasoned professional trader, appraiser, and coin specialist   near the Boston area, please feel free to contact Kenneth Goldman: