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Kenneth Goldman Rare Coins

A respected coin dealer and appraiser, Kenneth Goldman enjoys telling people that their rare coins have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in value. He is a longstanding member of a number of organizations that focus on the practice of numismatics, the collection of rare coins, paper bills, and other forms of official currency. Kenneth Goldman has been a member and actively involved with the American Numismatic Assoc. (The largest group relating to coins & currency) for over 50 years.  Due to Mr. Goldman’s over 50 years experience with rare coins, he is well qualified to assist in any and all aspects of rare coin appraisals, sales and the liquidation of a collection or holding.

Kenneth Goldman is the owner of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., an independent numismatic business that can be reached by mail at P. O. BOX 920404, Needham, Massachusetts, 02492. Collectors can also contact the rare coin dealer by phone at 781-449-0058 and by e-mail at KenGoldman@aol.com.


The Rarest Coin in the United States

Kenneth Goldman, a coin dealer and expert in rare coins, has served as president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., since 1976. A highly regarded coin dealer and qualified appraiser of rare coins, he has used his expertise to assist both the New York Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission. Kenneth Goldman has also contributed to A Guidebook of United States coins for nearly four decades.

Coin collecting is a popular hobby practiced by as many as 10 million people in the United States alone. Collectors gather coins for a variety of reasons, and a collection that is valuable to one collector may hold little interest for another. However, there are a number of unique coins that any collector would love to possess. One such coin is the 1804 silver dollar, which many collectors believe to be the rarest, most valuable American coin ever minted. The story behind the coin is interesting, as no silver dollars were minted in 1804. About 15,000 dollars were authorized that year, but still ran with the 1803 print and could not be distinguished from the previous year’s batch.

In 1834, however, a select few 1804 silver dollars were minted in order to complete sets offered as gifts to foreign leaders. Additional coins were illegally minted around 1860. To date, less than 20 coins exist and recent sales for the legendary coin have been in the $2 to $3 Million Dollar range. Mr. Goldman owned one of these coins and is pleased to have his name included among the elite group of numismatists who have ever owned one of the 1804 Silver Dollars.

Mr. Goldman can be reached for consultation in buying, selling and trading rare coins at Kenneth Goldman Inc., P. O. Box 920404, Needham, MA. 02492.
E-Mail: KenGoldman@aol.com
PHONE 781-449-0058

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Old Coin Collections Often Require New Appraisals

Numismatist Kenneth Goldman operates his rare coins dealership, Kenneth Goldman Inc. in Needham, Massachusetts. Attracted to coin collecting at an early age, he developed a high degree of proficiency in assessing and acquiring valuable coins and opened his coin business in 1971. He has served as a designated Qualified Appraiser for the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s office. Kenneth Goldman has been instrumental in fighting fraudulent dealers who sell coins for sums far beyond their true value, and he has also helped many people accurately value their collections.

Throughout his long career as a coin dealer, Kenneth Goldman has learned that many people become involved in collecting coins at some point in their lives and then abandon the hobby when some other activity, interest, or circumstances intervene. Sometimes these collections wind up in a bank vault or a home safe, and their owners have no real concept of how the coins may have appreciated in value in the years or decades since they were acquired. They may remember what they paid long ago, a fact that has no bearing on a coin’s current value. A coin purchased for $100 in 1975 might bring $125 today, while another coin purchased at the same time, for the same price, might now be worth several thousand dollars. An expert appraisal by a qualified professional provides a reliable valuation. Mr. Goldman recently appraised a small group of U. S. Gold coins that had been forgotten about for many years. The owner was astounded to find out that this small box of coins was now worth over $10,000.00!!

The market for rare coins is dynamic, with values sometimes changing dramatically in just a matter of days, especially in the auction market. Because Goldman attends all the major coin conventions and auctions held in the U.S. every year and maintains an extensive network of professional associates in the field, he has a comprehensive understanding of numismatics and the market forces involved. Not only does this enhance his reliability as an appraiser, it also contributes to his ability to find the best deals for those of his clients who are selling their collections or individual items.

Kenneth Goldman can be contacted at P.O. Box 920404, Needham, MA 02492. His phone number is 781-449-0058, and his email address is KenGoldman@aol.com.

Types of Fake Coins

Kenneth Goldman has over 50 years of experience in collecting rare coins. As president of Kenneth Goldman Inc,  Mr. Goldman has seen nearly all types of coins that exist.  Mr. Goldman began his career in the late 1960’s and has been a full time rare coin dealer for well over 50 years.

In terms of rare coins, there are oftentimes more counterfeits than legitimate pieces. Here are a few commonly found types of fakes according to the Professional Coin Grading Service:

Cast Counterfeits: Identified by a visible seam found on the edge of the coin, these basic copies are often underweight and use base metals in place of precious metals.

Electrotypes: Electrotypes are made by impressing a real coin in a soft substance to create a positive shell.

Transfer Dies: The most commonly used technique for counterfeiters, transfer dies are created by impressing a coin into a steel die. These can then be copied using a base metal such as steel.

For nearly five decades, Mr. Goldman has attended over 95% of every major coin convention and coin auction held in the USA—something that very few, if any, professional rare coin dealers can claim. All of the major coin auction companies in business today acknowledge that Mr. Goldman is one of, if not THE, longest continuous client that they have.

With Mr. Goldman’s vast experience, he is well aware of what is rare, what has great potential, how things should be sold, and can relate his experiences with rare coins at a time when most of today’s coin dealers were still in grammar school !!,

For any questions regarding rare coins, Kenneth Goldman can be reached at:
Address: PO Box 920404 | Needham, MA 02492
Phone number: (781) 449-0058
Email: KenGoldman@aol.com

Full time Rare Coin Appraiser in the Newton, Needham, Wellesley & Dedham area
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The History of Spanish Dollars in the Americas

Since 1971, Kenneth Goldman of Needham, MA, has served collectors around the world as an expert on rare coins, advancing the field of numismatics as a significant contributor to A Guidebook for United States Coins (the “Red Book”). As a highly experienced dealer and collector, Mr. Goldman offers expertise on pieces of eight used in the Americas.

A piece of eight (a “Spanish dollar”) was arguably the first global currency, minted in Spain’s imperial American colonies from roughly 1497 until the mid-1800s. Typically a round or ovoid piece of solid or almost solid silver, the piece of eight was efficiently designed for commerce and export to the European continent in the age of mercantilism. Worth eight Spanish reales, the royal currency of Spain at the time, a silver Spanish dollar coin was assayed and minted so that it could be physically cut or broken into eight slivers (“bits”) for payments, exchange, and making change. For centuries, the Spanish dollar was the only international currency accepted in certain countries such as China and the Philippines, and it was the most common currency for interstate and regional commerce in the United States until 1857, when the Coinage Act outlawed the use of foreign coins.

Mr. Goldman is available for consultation as well as expert appraisal for all types of United States and World coins. Having been an expert witness for the Federal Trade Commission as well as for the New York State Attorney General’s Office, he is well qualified in all fields.

Mr. Goldman can be reached at KenGoldman@aol.com