Rare Coin Convention Displays Costly Treasures

Coin shows and conventions are held both monthly and annually all across the United States. Not only do these venues showcase the historical significance of our money’s changing appearance, but they also provide opportunities for collectors of rare coins to search for specific, valuable items.

In New Orleans, the latest National Money Show presented rare coins and paper money worth millions of dollars. Included among the valuable objects were two 1913 Liberty Head nickels, one of which sold at auction for $3.17 million. Additionally, the show displayed an 1804 silver dollar, which was also worth over $3 million.

Kenneth Goldman, an appraiser of rare coins with 50 years of experience in the field, previously owned an 1804 silver dollar, a coin dubbed by experienced collectors as the “king” of collecting. Kenneth Goldman began collecting coins at age six and tabled at his first coin show by age 13.

We have been involved with rare coins and antiques for over 50 years.  For a seasoned professional trader, appraiser, and coin specialist   near the Boston area, please feel free to contact Kenneth Goldman:   KenGoldman@aol.com


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