Kenneth Goldman brings the Tom Reynolds Collection of Highly Important Large Cents to Market

We are pleased to announce bringing to market the Tom Reynolds collection of Highly Important Large Cents (1793-1814) in association with Goldberg auctions.


The Reynolds collection will be remembered as one of the finest quality large cent collections ever offered in recent time.  Dozens of Mint State 1798 cents are included with high grade examples of the 1793 Chain Cent, Several Wreath Cents, four 1794 St. Oswald Large Cents and countless other highlights.


Kenneth Goldman, President of Kenneth Goldman, Inc. has bveen a member of the Professionbal Numismatics Guild (PNG) for over 35 years and is a life member of the American Numismatics Assoc. in addition to membership in many other organizations.


For appraisals or evaluations of rare coins, antiques, etc. Mr. Goldman will be pleased to assist collectors in Wellesley, Needham, Westwood, Weston, Dedham and all surrounding areas of Boston.

Restoration Services through the Professional Coin Grading Service

Kenneth Goldman is a professional dealer of rare coins operating in and around Newton, Needham, Wellesley and Westwood, Massachusetts. The president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., he has contributed to A Guidebook for United States Coins since 1975. He is a member of the Numismatic Guaranty Corp. (NGC) as well as Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), which provides unbiased grading and authentication of rare coins by the world’s leading numismatic experts.

Kenneth Goldman, President of Kenneth Goldman Inc. Rare Coins is a member of both of the leading grading services and is well qualified to evaluate and submit coins to the grading services for grade and authenticity.

As well, Kenneth Goldman has been an expert witness for the Federal Trade Commission in the evaluation of rare coins for grade, value and authenticity.

Coin Collectors Should Have Their Collections Professionally Appraised

A seasoned numismatist with more than 50 years of practical experience in the field of rare coins, Kenneth Goldman operates his dealership in Needham, Massachusetts, near the towns of Wellesley, Dedham, Westwood, and Newton. He started his own coin collection at age 6, and became a full-time rare coin dealer when he was 18. Throughout his long career, Kenneth Goldman has handled transactions involving nearly every type of American coin ever minted, and has been used as an expert resource by both the New York State Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Trade Commission.

Some people collect coins for their beauty, others for the sense of history they impart. Many collect, at least in part, as a financial investment. Regardless of why they collect, though, people should have an accurate understanding of their collection’s value. This is important for a broad range of reasons, from financial and estate planning to insurance. Determining a coin’s value, though, can be a challenge, especially with scarcer specimens.

Kenneth Goldman tells the story of buying a coin at an auction in the 1970s — a Bust Dollar, minted during the nation’s early days — for $3,900, and then quickly selling it for $6,500. the next day !! This kind of quick profit in the rare coins field is actually the exception. Most collectors generally acquire their specimens and hold them for long periods of time. Keeping track of the value of most is fairly easy because of the brisk trade in over-the-counter sales, auctions, and coin shows, which also help collectors determine the pricing of private transactions. Coin dealers rely heavily on the Guide Book of United States Coins, commonly called the Redbook, for their own retail pricing.

The rarer the coin, though, the less reliable the price list. This is why collectors should always have their collections appraised by an experienced professional like rare coin dealer Kenneth Goldman, who can be contacted by mail at PO Box 920404, Needham, MA 02492. Alternately, he can be emailed at or called at 781-449-0058.

Kenneth M. Goldman, President of Kenneth Goldman Inc. Rare Coin Co. would be pleased to help or assist in any way.

Kenneth Goldman Rare Coins

A respected coin dealer and appraiser, Kenneth Goldman enjoys telling people that their rare coins have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled in value. He is a longstanding member of a number of organizations that focus on the practice of numismatics, the collection of rare coins, paper bills, and other forms of official currency. Kenneth Goldman has been a member and actively involved with the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) since 1975.

The PNG has been educating hobbyists and promoting the field of numismatics for nearly six decades. Its domestic and international membership base is comprised of professional and amateur numismatists who support the organization’s strict ethical policies and specialized standards. Before they are accepted into the Guild, all applicants must demonstrate their expertise in the field to pass a general election that is open to all active Guild members.

As part of its educational initiatives, the PNG recently launched a comprehensive coin dealer mentoring program to serve young adults who want to establish themselves as qualified dealers. The Guild also sponsors an annual Young Numismatist Scholarship that enables college students to attend educational sessions.

As well as his membership in the PNG, Mr. Goldman is a life member of the American Numismatic Assoc. (ANA. Due to Mr. Goldman’s over 50 years experience with rare coins, he is well qualified to assist in any and all aspects of rare coin appraisals, sales and the liquidation of a collection or holding.

Kenneth Goldman is the owner of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., an independent numismatic business that can be reached by mail at P. O. BOX 920404, Needham, Massachusetts, 02492. Collectors can also contact the rare coin dealer by phone at 781-449-0058 and by e-mail at

The Rarest Coin in the United States

Kenneth Goldman, a coin dealer and expert in rare coins, has served as president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., since 1976. A highly regarded coin dealer and qualified appraiser of rare coins, he has used his expertise to assist both the New York Attorney General’s office and the Federal Trade Commission. Kenneth Goldman has also contributed to A Guidebook of United States coins for nearly four decades.

Coin collecting is a popular hobby practiced by as many as 10 million people in the United States alone. Collectors gather coins for a variety of reasons, and a collection that is valuable to one collector may hold little interest for another. However, there are a number of unique coins that any collector would love to possess. One such coin is the 1804 silver dollar, which many collectors believe to be the rarest, most valuable American coin ever minted. The story behind the coin is interesting, as no silver dollars were minted in 1804. About 15,000 dollars were authorized that year, but still ran with the 1803 print and could not be distinguished from the previous year’s batch.

In 1834, however, a select few 1804 silver dollars were minted in order to complete sets offered as gifts to foreign leaders. Additional coins were illegally minted around 1860. To date, less than 20 coins exist and recent sales for the legendary coin have been in the $2 to $3 Million Dollar range. Mr. Goldman owned one of these coins and is pleased to have his name included among the elite group of numismatists who have ever owned one of the 1804 Silver Dollars.

Mr. Goldman can be reached for consultation in buying, selling and trading rare coins at Kenneth Goldman Inc., P. O. Box 920404, Needham, MA. 02492.
PHONE 781-449-0058

We look forward to hearing from you !!

Old Coin Collections Often Require New Appraisals

Numismatist Kenneth Goldman operates his rare coins dealership, Kenneth Goldman Inc. in Needham, Massachusetts. Attracted to coin collecting at an early age, he developed a high degree of proficiency in assessing and acquiring valuable coins and opened his coin business in 1971. He has served as a designated Qualified Appraiser for the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s office. Kenneth Goldman has been instrumental in fighting fraudulent dealers who sell coins for sums far beyond their true value, and he has also helped many people accurately value their collections.

Throughout his long career as a coin dealer, Kenneth Goldman has learned that many people become involved in collecting coins at some point in their lives and then abandon the hobby when some other activity, interest, or circumstances intervene. Sometimes these collections wind up in a bank vault or a home safe, and their owners have no real concept of how the coins may have appreciated in value in the years or decades since they were acquired. They may remember what they paid long ago, a fact that has no bearing on a coin’s current value. A coin purchased for $100 in 1975 might bring $125 today, while another coin purchased at the same time, for the same price, might now be worth several thousand dollars. An expert appraisal by a qualified professional provides a reliable valuation. Mr. Goldman recently appraised a small group of U. S. Gold coins that had been forgotten about for many years. The owner was astounded to find out that this small box of coins was now worth over $10,000.00!!

The market for rare coins is dynamic, with values sometimes changing dramatically in just a matter of days, especially in the auction market. Because Goldman attends all the major coin conventions and auctions held in the U.S. every year and maintains an extensive network of professional associates in the field, he has a comprehensive understanding of numismatics and the market forces involved. Not only does this enhance his reliability as an appraiser, it also contributes to his ability to find the best deals for those of his clients who are selling their collections or individual items.

Kenneth Goldman can be contacted at P.O. Box 920404, Needham, MA 02492. His phone number is 781-449-0058, and his email address is

Starting a Rare Coin Collection

Kenneth Goldman, coin dealer and expert appraiser, possesses experience with rare coins totaling more than 50 years. Kenneth Goldman continues to help collectors across the country begin and build collections of rare coins.

For the beginning coin collector, building a collection may seem like a daunting task. There are countless different kinds of coins available on the market, some rare and others quite common. Many collectors enter the hobby seeking to acquire rare coins, which they can later sell. A beginning collector can take his or her first steps by acquiring readily available yet older currency designs. A penny roll from a bank, for example, is likely to yield at least 15 “wheat pennies,” which were minted between 1909 and 1958.

Once a collector has begun to acquire these older coins, he or she can begin to shop for rare coins. Research is an important first step in this endeavor: a collector will need to be familiar with the value of rare coins in certain categories so as not to be overcharged. After perusing a few books and websites, the collector can begin to seek out rare coins at online or live shops or coin shows. The number of available coins may be overwhelming, so a collector may wish to limit himself or herself at first to a certain design type and seek out different design types within that denomination. Then, the collector can expand to different denominations and build a collection in an organized, yet goal-oriented manner.

Kenneth Goldman, president of Kenneth Goldman Inc. has been assisting collectors and investors for nearly 50 years in the orderly acquisition as well as dispersing of coin collections. We would be pleased to send you a brochure describing Mr. Goldman’s experience.

Mr. Goldman is a life member of the ANA and has been a member for over 35 years of the Professional Numismatics Guild (PNG).

In addition, Mr. Goldman has been a qualified expert witness for the Federal Trade Commission and can help with any and all problems that may come up regarding rare coins.

We welcome inquiries at or by phone at (781) 449-0058.

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