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Old Coin Collections Often Require New Appraisals

Numismatist Kenneth Goldman operates his rare coins dealership, Kenneth Goldman Inc. in Needham, Massachusetts. Attracted to coin collecting at an early age, he developed a high degree of proficiency in assessing and acquiring valuable coins and opened his coin business in 1971. He has served as a designated Qualified Appraiser for the Federal Trade Commission and the New York Attorney General’s office. Kenneth Goldman has been instrumental in fighting fraudulent dealers who sell coins for sums far beyond their true value, and he has also helped many people accurately value their collections.

Throughout his long career as a coin dealer, Kenneth Goldman has learned that many people become involved in collecting coins at some point in their lives and then abandon the hobby when some other activity, interest, or circumstances intervene. Sometimes these collections wind up in a bank vault or a home safe, and their owners have no real concept of how the coins may have appreciated in value in the years or decades since they were acquired. They may remember what they paid long ago, a fact that has no bearing on a coin’s current value. A coin purchased for $100 in 1975 might bring $125 today, while another coin purchased at the same time, for the same price, might now be worth several thousand dollars. An expert appraisal by a qualified professional provides a reliable valuation. Mr. Goldman recently appraised a small group of U. S. Gold coins that had been forgotten about for many years. The owner was astounded to find out that this small box of coins was now worth over $10,000.00!!

The market for rare coins is dynamic, with values sometimes changing dramatically in just a matter of days, especially in the auction market. Because Goldman attends all the major coin conventions and auctions held in the U.S. every year and maintains an extensive network of professional associates in the field, he has a comprehensive understanding of numismatics and the market forces involved. Not only does this enhance his reliability as an appraiser, it also contributes to his ability to find the best deals for those of his clients who are selling their collections or individual items.

Kenneth Goldman can be contacted at P.O. Box 920404, Needham, MA 02492. His phone number is 781-449-0058, and his email address is KenGoldman@aol.com.